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ISO 9001 : 2015 (QMS) Certified
BD Trade Marks # TM-135809 &
146098 has been registered.

100% visual inspection as to the quality, quantity, specification, description, classification, packing, marking, longevity (economic / useful life) and valuation of machinery, land & building etc. as per terms of the Indent / Proforma Invoice / Letter of Credit and other related papers.

1. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) - World Wide

2. Post-shipment inspection or Post-landing inspection at

   i) ICD Kamalapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
   iii) Dhaka Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh
   iii) Chittagong Seaport, Chittagong, Bangladesh
   iv) Benapole Landport, Benapole, Bangladesh and
   v) Other Place in Bangladesh / Abroad

3. Survey / inspection of longevity (economic / useful life) for Used / Recondition
    Machinery- World Wide

4. Valuation of Machinery, Land, Building and Others

5. Verifications and Certification of standard quality