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ISO 9001 : 2015 (QMS) Certified
BD Trade Marks # TM-135809 &
146098 has been registered.
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Pre-shipment & post-shipment inspection of the goods, machinery, commodity with industrial raw materials as to the quality, quantity, packing, marking, specification, classification, description, longevity (economic / useful life) and valuation survey work on machinery, land and building etc.

A team of Engineers, MBA , CA and professionals from various fields with good working experience with a view of to meet the inspection needs of concern authority. The company is issued the inspection certificate on the basis of inspector's opinion / information in accordance to the requirements of the concerned authorities.

Capitalizing on its competitive advantages, SIS has been extending its operation and business into a wide range of inspection services.

With extensive knowledge in various inspection fields, SIS has pool of expertise that is well equipped with sophisticated facilities to strengthen the actual judgment in terms of fairness, promptness and reliability. We believe that our comprehensive inspection services offer you a model of one-stop service and are your definite partner of success in today's competitive market.